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Sunday, March 29, 2009

I chased paper yesterday

Yesterday, the Scrap Pack & I participated in the 2nd Annual NW Paperchase. Basically you purchase a passport and a pin and go to local scrapbook stores and can purchase your items for 20%. You also get your passport stamped and once you have 14 of the 28 stores stamped you are put in a drawing. Well...we only hit 8 stores yesterday and though I can hit a few on our way down to Long Beach next week, I won't be around to return my passport to my home store.

But it was A LOT of fun! We started off in Bothell after a hearty breakfast at Crystal Creek Cafe (a tad pricey mind you) Then it was off to Singin' in the Rain where I became obsessed with finding a stamp of a Starbucks like coffee mug (though I am pretty sure I already have one at home). The next store I found some monkey paper in which I want to stick pic's of my brother on it since we refer to him as "Uncle Monkey" After a bit of turbulant ride (Jen not realizing how curvy the corner was and then the idiot that came to almost a complete stop on the freeway!) we made it to Lasting Memories in Lynnwood where we went chick hunting. Then we went to my new favorite scrapbook store which is Urban Scrapbooker in Edmonds. It is a bit out of the way for me but the people there are SO friendly and their prices are really good! PLUS I donated a TON of our misc scrapbook supplies which they donate to high schools, girl scouts, etc.

After a nice lunch at Ivars (yum - clam chowder!) and talk of taking my mom to the vet to have her put down (you really had to be there) we headed to Shoreline at which point I remembered this paper I had seen in an email I had received and I became obsessed with trying to locate it! Of course I remembered nothing about the paper except for what it kind of looked like. I could not however remember the company that made it or the name of the paper! Sigh......

Then the race was on as we were coming towards the end of the day and to the time that scrapbook stores started to close! We dashed in to the one minutes before they closed but luckily got our passports stamped (and got some yummy chocolate too!). Then I talked the group in to stopping at Ben Franklin because, well, we were going to drive right by it and I said (and I quote) "We don't have to buy anything. We can just go in and get our passports stamped" Ha, ha, ha!!! Yeah, we all walked out of there with something.....!

After one more coffee to get us those last few miles home, we were done!! I was off to pick up my kiddo (who had been with Uncle Monkey & kids) that day and then home to my hubby!

It is amazing how a day of shopping can wear you out! I was pooped and curled up on the couch soon after I got home!

Now today it is off to scrapbook (I mean do laundry! Yeah, that is it!) and spend time with my family!

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