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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vegas, Baby!!!!

In about 9 days I will be getting on a plane to meet up with my friend Nikki in Vegas. She lives in AZ and we rarely see each other (but of course we IM/email every day!!!!!!!!!!) Well a few weeks back we decided a Girls Weekend was in order and we figured Vegas was a good meeting point. It is about a 5 hr drive for her I think and of course I can fly. Well I can't fly...I will get on a plane that can fly....

Anyway, I am SOOOO excited! And her sis-in-law Jane will be going to. Jane is Nick Carter's mommy! Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys!!!

Anyway, it should be fun! Shopping, a little gambling, mani's, pedi's...whatever!!

What is funny about Nikki is how our lifes could have crossed in the past. We got to talking the other day and I was talking about where my grandparents lived. The more we talked we realized she grew up near my grandparents and frequently road her bike to the Skaggs that we used to always go to when we went to visit my grandparents! Then we got to talking about where my other grandparents had lived and she said her grandma had lived near there as well and she even remembers driving the church I used to go to as a kid!!

It is just weird how you meet someone and come to realize how many times your life could have crossed in the past, and then you kind of wonder what life would be like IF you had crossed paths before. I mean I know we all meet when we do for a reason but it just makes you wonder.

Anyway, I am just so excited to see her! I have already started to get a new wardrobe. Gotta get all gussied up you know...What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...right???? Wink, wink!!!

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Nikki said...

YAY! I am soooo excited!!! I cannot wait to see you!! We are going to have so much fun! Jane is excited too! Her flight comes in at 11:20 in the morning and we will start the drive to Vegas straight from the airport! Woo hoo!! I am already planning the packing process because I am so excited!!