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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why God Why?

You ever just have one of those days where you ask "Why God, Why!?!?" I was having one of those days. It started with Shelby being extra slow this morning, arguing with me over everything and then followed up this afternoon with her screeching at me, kicking the TV over and then storming upstairs. I have to say though that during her afternoon outburst I had to refrain from laughing as it just struck me as silly! But of course that would have just made her more mad and given her just cause to scream and cry some more!

So after her screeching and telling me I am a bad mom and don't know how to raise kids (hey in my defense...they didn't come with owner manuals or instruction books!)I sent her upstairs and was just going to let her stay up there until I was good and ready to let her out. I was thinking maybe age 18?? At this point I asked my friend Nikki the age old question.."Why did we want kids again?" to which she said "I don't know but if you ever find out let me know!"

Anyway, a bit later I heard her come downstairs and in her hand was a piece of paper. At this point with a slight eyeroll I thought, "Oh great another I hate mom letter." So imagine my surprise when I look at it and saw this!

Were the Parent Gods smiling down on me today? Oh I think so!! I am not sure what I did to deserve this. Maybe Shelby is just growing up or maybe something I said, somewhere, someday decided to sink in and she knew she needed to apologize.

Oh I don't know but I immediately sent Nikki a message saying "I figured out why we wanted kids" and sent her this picture! It is moments like this where you just have to go "Yep, this is the reason I have a child!"

Boy did God sure answer my question today.

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