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Saturday, February 16, 2013

New & Improved!

There is The Vampire Diaries (love, love, love!) and now The Carrie Diaries (never watched) so I figured why not update my blog with a new name and have it be The Stephanie Diaries?!?!

I can't promise it will be as bloody as TVD. Oh wait I can promise it won't be as bloody as TVD, as I am not a big fan of blood. However I cannot promise I won't post pic's/comments/or drool over TVD. My family knows to leave me the heck alone on Thursday nights at 8 pm as I watch my show!

I can promise this blog will be more grown up then TCD. Though I am an 80's child (and that is the era this show takes place), I would rather leave those fashions and times in my past! I was never a fan of Sex in the City, which TCD is a prequel too, so no real desire to watch that show.

So welcome to my new and improved blog!

Happy Reading!

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