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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Day I Fell In Love with My Daughter Again

And no I didn't fall out of love with my daughter....necessarily. I was just reminded why I love her SO much!

So we just took a road trip to see Chad's grandparents in Montana. It is about a 10 hour road trip, confined in a car with three different, and very stubborn, strong willed personalities. You can imagine how this might end up. Surprisingly enough it went pretty well! Yes there were a few times I am pretty sure I told Chad to pull over and that we were leaving Shelby in the middle of Nowhere-ville (or to leave me in Nowhere-ville!) but for the most part, it was fun!

My daughter is HILARIOUS! She is full of silliness and boy did that come out! Maybe she was on the brink of going crazy but whatever the reason, she was busy bopping around and dancing in the backseat, and making jokes.

Our travels were filled with laughter. Though with the colds we caught, the laughter was followed by uncontrollable coughing.

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