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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Annual Pederslie Holiday Letter

So for the past several years I have always sent a letter with our Christmas cards. This year I just didn't feel like it. I wasn't even sure if I was going to send Christmas cards. Not only do I send letters but I have always had some type of homemade card too. Again, this year I just didn't feel like it, but had a change of heart a few days ago. Luckily I have made enough holiday cards over the past few years PLUS have participated in holiday card swaps that I was able to come up with enough cards to send out! But...no holiday letter.

Now I know many of you are going "What the....???? How will I survive without the Pederslie holiday letter? My holiday is not complete with out it. SAY IT AIN'T SO!"

So I figured I would write one, but post it here instead.

So this year has been....interesting. Lots of changes, some good, some not so good.

Early this year we flew to San Diego for Stacy (Chad's sisters) wedding. While we were there we took a few side trips. We went to Chip Foose's shop (for those not in the know, Chip Foose designs/builds hot rods). While we were there Chip actually showed up to pick up some items for an episode of Overhaulin'. Chad got his picture taken with him!
Before heading home we headed up to D-Land and California Adventure. We hadn't been there since CarsLand went in so we had to go! Of course Shelby wanted nothing to do with getting her pictures taken with any of the characters but I did! Below is a picture of me and my good friend Jessie.

While we were away, my brother got engaged! He reconnected with a girl he had gone to school with (via Facebook, which I would like to point out he had teased me about for AGES, and said he would never join!). He found a good women in Christine. Well let me rephrase that...he found someone that will put up with his constant teasing and will give it right back! She has a son and a daughter so we gained a few more cousins/grandkids in our family. Oh and a furry cousin/grandkid too! Our furry kid, Harley, likes this!

They got married in August down by Mt Rainier. What is up with these destination weddings though? A half hour drive is all I ask! Just a quick trip to attend the wedding people! Hee, hee!
On a sad front, one of our cats disappeared this summer and never came back. I just keep telling myself that some old lady in the area is lonely and has taken in a bunch of cats and that our cat is keeping her company! Shelby & I immediately wanted another cat. Chad said no! But little did he know....Shelby & I are the decision makers in this house. Okay, maybe he knows but he pretends like he still makes the decisions!

So for Shelby's 11th birthday this year we decided to get her a kitten. We took her to the Humane Society in Bellevue. Even after walking in and seeing all the cats I don't think she totally understood why we were there. If only I had gotten a picture of her face when she put it all together! She was so excited! 

Meet Pinto Max Pederslie!
He came with the name Pinto and we thought about changing it but decided not to. Shelby wanted to name him Max at first but then we decided Max would become his middle name. Though I think we call him everything but Pinto! Pinto Bean, Little Dude....

So as you can image we were a bit unsure of how he would fit in with our other furry kids. Luckily he is a little spitfire and has no fears at all! Right away he was like "Out of my way! I want to play with my new brother & sister!" Harley seems to enjoy him as she now has a playmate. Tiger on the other hand just tolerates him. Hopefully that will change!
If I am very, very quiet he will never know I am here!
I wuv you!
So as the year comes to a close I am getting ready for my last day at Honeywell. Due to some role changes, my job is being eliminated. It is quite bittersweet because I work with a great group of people at our facility. I have also made some very good friendships with coworkers at other sites. Luckily I have been there long enough that I will get a nice little package that will at least get us through the holidays and into the first part of the new year. Though I have been working for the past 18 yrs so I actually would like to find a new job sooner rather than later! Luckily I have a great support group with my family and friends so I have been able to get through this trying time with a small smile on my face!

So I think I am ready for the new year. We will be welcoming a new baby to the family next year. Not me of course! Stacy is having a baby boy early January. Oh how I love little babies that I can hug and snuggle and then give back to the parents when they get fussy!

I hope the new year will bring me a job, some fun times and no serious life altering situations! I think I have met my quota of those for at least another year!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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