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Friday, May 9, 2014

Long Time No Post

Goodness! Has it really been almost 6 months since I posted anything?? There has been so many times I have wanted to write a blog post but then I either know that whatever topic I need/want to talk about will probably just raise issues, or make me more angry or I just am to tired to deal with any of it long enough to write about it.

So I don't know if people are just getting ruder/more self centered or if I am just getting more cynical as I get older. My friend & I talked about this once and decided it's a little of both :)

Sometimes I wish I could be Shelby's age, where I could get away with being a bit more self centered, that my concerns and worries were really just trivial issues that in the grand scheme of things just really weren't a huge deal. But oh no!! I get to be an adult!

I have to deal with financial issues, house issues (which usually result in financial issues!), work issues (again...usually resulting in financial issues...hmm I see a running trend here!) And since we are already talking about the kiddo...I have to deal with those issues as well!

Luckily I have a tough skin because man does that kid put me through the ringer! "I hate you!" "Why do I have to do chores!" "You are so mean!" Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah....

I know that, in general, my life is going along smoothly. We are healthy and we have a roof over our head (and are able to continue to pay for it to remain there!). We have friends dealing with serious health issues, and just one bad thing after another, so I am grateful for the little things. Some days though it's hard to just keep smiling.

Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!

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