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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Can Wii Play??

So Chad & I bought a Wii (pronounced wee) this weekend. For those of you that are technology impaired, this is the new Nintendo game system. Well I saw a High School Musical Sing it game the other day. And I happened to mention what fun that would be to play. So then Chad was like "Huh, a game she would enjoy. We have to get a Wii!" Well guess what....they are not easy to find! We went to Fred Meyer, Toys R US, Best Buy, Circuit City and finally Target. I know why I enjoy Target so much...they had 3 of them!!! So now Wii can play the wii all the time!! :) Shelby and I were fighting over who got to sing it tonight! Luckily she does not know how to take video with my camera so the footage you will see will be my cute daughter singing along!! Though I think I look pretty cute dancing and singing along too!!

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