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Saturday, April 19, 2008

What is it with 80's movies???

So I had to laugh as I flip through the channels this AM and find that "Can't Buy me Love" is on. What is funny about this? Well my friend & I were just talking last night about Patrick Dempsey and his 80's movies, especially this one!!

I know this movie is lame, I am reminded of how lame it is as I watch it yet I keep sitting here, glued to the TV! It is so typical of any 80's movies! Like the part where he starts doing the dance and suddenly everyone is like "Yeah, what a cool dance" and are doing it too??!! What am I saying?? It's not just 80's movies...they still do that in movies. Though I have never witnessed this happening in real life!!

Wait, there was that one time that I was at school and that guy started dancing and suddenly we all joined in and knew the same dance steps. No wait....that was that other 80's movie.....

It is amazing to see what Patrick Dempsey has done since then. I am sure we won't be seeing him doing the African Ant eater ritual anytime soon on Grey's Anatomy.

can\'t buy me love

You know what troubles me about these movies? The people are total geeks and then with a can of mousse and a ripping off of the sleeves of their shirt and VOILA...they are gorgeous and popular...Uh huh, because that always happens in real life......

Okay, nuff said. It's the climatic ending where he defends his best friend and gets the girl!!

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