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Saturday, June 20, 2009

See You in September

(First Day of School, September 5, 2008)

Well yesterday was Shelby's last day of school. I had to giggle at how animated she was when she got home. She was telling us how all the teachers had kleenex's and all the kids had kleenex's and then the buses pulled out of the parking lot they all waved with the hankie's! It reminds me of when I was a kid on the last day of school. The buses would pull out of the parking lot and honk the horns. There was just something exciting about that. And Shelby said that her kindergarten teacher will be teaching 1st grade next year! Maybe she will be lucky and get her same teacher again!!

On a sad note there was a 16 yr kid that was killed in a car accident yesterday afternoon. What is sad is that he was probably on his way home from the last day of school and just ready to enjoy his summer. We ventured out to Monroe around 4 and we noticed glass on the road and the residue/ashes from the flairs. On the way home we passed the same spots and saw kids standing on the side of the road where a memorial had already been set up. It just reminds you that we have to slow down when driving, take in consideration of the weather conditions and such. The road here is so whinedy with such sharp corners. Add a little rain after we have had dry weather for 30 days and you get slick roads. Slick roads, fast speeds and sharp corners do not mix. http://www.king5.com/video/index.html?nvid=373185&shu=1

So as I mentioned in my previous post I was going to take a pic of Shelby on the last day of school. Funny how on the last day of school she was all grins and totally hammed it up for the camera but on the first day she just rolled her eyes at me and I had to prod her to let me take a picture!

(Last Day of School June 19, 2009)

And so summer begins. No big plans for us. With our shortened work weeks though I plan to do some fun stuff with Shelby in the afternoons once I am done w/work. Starting Monday she will be going to my parents, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday she will be going to camp at Cherry Valley Elementary and then on Thursdays she will be going to Chad's parents. Shelby seems excited so hopefully it will be a good summer for all!

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