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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let it Rain! Let it Rain! Let it Rain!

Batten down the hatches! Run for the cellar! Stay indoors! We are in the middle of the WORST STORM EVER!!!! A bit meladramatic you say? Maybe a little, but if you are watching the news they are making a really big deal of this. But then...when doesn't the news do that?

Yes it is snowing, yes the roads are bad, yes I know the schools are closed but must we hear about it ALL DAY LONG? And it isn't like there is anything NEW to report. I am sure I have seen the same little girl build that snowman about 5 times now.

I am torn though. On one hand I enjoy the snow - it really is beautiful. But I have been stuck in my house for 4 straight days now! I had a small window of freedom on Tuesday when Shelby went to school and Chad & I went into the office. But then school closed early and back home we went.

I guess I should be thankful (???) that I can work remotely. Though this was a curse today as our facility actually closed. What could my excuse be? My manager is in Puerto Rico and most of my team is there as well or in Minnesota. I had NO excuse! Not even the excuse that my power was out because....we had the generator going. Damn us for being proactive!!

I am thankful though that my family and I are all safe and warm at home. And I hope we have an early spring! This body needs to defrost!

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