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Saturday, January 14, 2012

One step away from being a dancer!

Okay, so maybe I am more than one step away from being a professional dancer but I am doing good at keeping up with my exercising! I am exercising each day by working out to Just Dance 3 on the Wii! Fun, fun!! No changes to the muffin top yet, and for some odd reason I seemed to have put on MORE weight since I started but I just keep telling myself I have to get over some type of hump and then the weight will just start sliding off. Right, right??? So as for my other "goals" here is some status: 1) I have designated Wednesdays as scrapbook days since those are days I work remotely and my day ends at 3:30. Plenty o'time before beddy by to do some scrappin'. So far I have done some type of scrapbooking - did one page this week and updated blog last week which brings me to... 2) Blogging more - I updated my scrapbook blog even though I really didn't have new art to show off. I am slackin' a bit on this blog but I am here now! 3) Less Facebook - I could do better on this one but I have gone on FB a bit less though now I am on Pinterest and that is sucking up my time. But since one of my goals wasn't to go on Pinterest less I am good! And I realized, after my computer was attacked by a vicious virus and I couldn't get on to FB for a few days, that I really didn't miss much. 4) More family time - hmm, well Chad & I did go out on a date last Saturday. That counts right? Well it's still early and we don't want to spend too much time together right? I mean having some distance is good right? Makes us appreciate each other more? So there ya go! I am quite proud of myself so far!

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