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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Oh Young Love!

So Shelby has her first crush on a boy. Whereas Chad is making sure all of his guns are within arms length and in working order I am kind of excited.

Maybe it is because I remember those grade school crushes, the fun of liking a boy, finding out if he likes you back, just seeing him at school. Oh the memories!! I think another part of it, is that I get to live vicariously through Shelby.

Don't get me wrong, I love Chad and all but being married almost 12 years you don't always get to enjoy those feelings you get with a crush. Oh sure...sometimes I am excited to pass him in the front hallway but mostly it is because I need him to take the trash out for me or need his help for something else. And I know he likes me so no real excitement or heart palpitations when finding out my crush likes me too.

So anyway, this got me to thinking about my grade school crushes. There was the boy with the big ears in preschool (okay, technically not grade school - so sue me) who would play house with me, or the boy in 1st grade who I am pretty sure liked the other girl named Stephanie in my class. The one I remember though had to have been in 5th grade. Oh that was the year! Sad that my school age excitement peaked in 5th grade.

Anyway, his name was...oh wait...let's not go there! We will just call him Bob (I really hope there was no Bob in 5th grade with me who will think "Oh I always knew she had a crush on me!"). So anyway, Bob was a cu-tee!! I remember our desks were close to each other and he would talk to me, acknowledge projects I was working on, whisper my name so that I would look around and then we would laugh (surprised we never got in trouble for that from our teacher and have her call us out in front of the whole class for talking/whispering!).

Oh but the best time of all was out on the playground. My friends and I were being chased by a group of boys and yes, Bob was one of those boys! I obviously didn't try to run too hard because I recall several times that Bob would catch up to me and pitch me. And you know what they always say "If a boy teases/hits you it means he likes you"

Oh but then my pre-teen girl longings got popped like a balloon. I found out he liked another classmate. OH I WAS CRUSHED! There was just no way to get passed this. How was I ever going to survive? Life was just SOOO cruel!

Oh but this story has a somewhat happy ending. So fast forward to the last day of school. I remember a bunch of boys had been hanging out in the corner. One of the boys came over and tell's me "Bob likes you!" I don't recall how I reacted though I was doing little cheerleading jumps and cheers in my head. All I do remember is my friend taking our classmate aside and telling him something. Maybe it was that I liked Bob as well. Who knows. That summer involved a few silly phone calls (where my friend mostly did the talking), a trip or two on our bikes to the junior high where I never talked to Bob.

In the end, 6th grade started and Bob was in a different class. And let's just say his response to me on the first day of school wasn't the best. And so began a year long crush on a new boy.

I know Shelby will suffer through heartbreak, and will probably break several hearts of her own. I know she will not want me that involved and I will have to remember to try to stay out of her business. But it is fun to see the beginnings of young love blossoming!

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