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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Facebook is my friend

You know so many people speak of the negative things of Facebook. Some people haven't joined because (and I quote) "I didn't like the people back in high school. Why would I want to reconnect with them now?" Though said person that said that has now joined Facebook, however still says it is lame. Oh but I must teach her the ways that Facebook can be her friend.

Yes, there are people I am friends with that I probably didn't really like in high school. But you know what? We aren't in high school anymore and for the most part these people have matured (as have I) and I have actually created some great new friendships with these people.

Wanna know what else Facebook is great for? Getting advice, support and getting rid of things! Goodbye craigslist! Hello Facebook! Here is an example of that...Chad had a craigslist post to get rid of our hot tub. Oh sure, he got a few bites but nothing that was working out. So I posted my frustration on Facebook and one of my friends was like "I want it!"

There are numerous times where I am just frustrated with life, frustrated with my kid and it is SO nice to know that my fellow Facebook friends deal with the same issues I do and sometimes have great advice that I never even knew of or had thought about.

So yes, some people abuse Facebook. I mean I don't really need to know your every move throughout the day, and I don't really care to hear your negative thoughts. But Facebook is my friend. Let him (or her??) be  yours as well!

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