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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kids Grow Up Way too Fast

So Shelby was telling me today that one of her friends wants to kiss a boy. Pass me the smelling salts! I am going to faint! Luckily Shelby says that kissing boys sound icky but still....

Part of me kind of finds it fun to here about the boy Shelby has a crush on as I can live vicariously through her but it must stop there! She can like boys from afar! That is it!!

I was watching the MTV show "16 and Pregnant" the other day. Not sure why I watch this show since I get so angry at those kids for being so stupid and getting pregnant in the first place. Then it makes me realize that either 1) I had the best behaved baby EVER because I don't remember any sleepless nights or 2) I have blocked out those years because I was just too sleep deprived to remember squat. It is sad that they are innocent little babies for such a short time and that the time just goes way to fast.
Shelby 2002
Shelby 2012

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