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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Size 12 is not Fat!

So I was driving to Shelby's ortho appointment this afternoon and drove by a plus size store. No big deal right? People come in all shapes and sizes and having a variety of places to shop from is great. However...I did a bit of a double take when I saw the sign that said "Sizes from 12 + and up".

What the !?!?! Since when was a size 12 a plus size? And honestly, why must we refer to sizes as "plus" sizes? If we do that then I think small sizes should be referred to as "negative" sizes.

I guess what bugs me is that in our minds (or at least mine) plus=large and I don't feel large. Oh I know I could afford to lose some (okay maybe more than some!) weight but I don't feel large. Maybe I just luck out and my "plus" areas can easily be concealed under tummy tucking jeans, but I look in the mirror and I don't think I look all that bad. Oh sure....there is a little extra of me to love but that just makes me cuddly and approachable right?

What I love is that my daughter goes "Mommy you aren't fat. That is just left over from having me" Oh I have trained my daughter well! It's my badge of honor, my war wound for being a mommy and having had the privilege of providing life to such a beautiful little girl.

You know...size 12 is just a womanly size! It just means I am curvy and curvy is sexy right? Here is to all the sexy and beautiful size 12 + and beyond!

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Anonymous said...

I am a size 12 too and dont feel large either. It is sad how our society judges based on sizes, weight or looks in general. God made us all as individuals.