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Friday, May 8, 2015

Reading...is my drug!

I think I can understand what an addict must go through on a daily basis. The struggles they must face, the hurdles they must overcome, the urges they must fight. I can understand this because......I am an addict to reading!!

I will read whenever possible! I will sneak books into the bathroom with me so I can read in peace away from my family. I have been known to sneak a book out while on the job so I can get a few pages in while on break. I have been known on several occasions to start a book with good intentions to just read a few chapters and then put it down to get daily tasks done, and a few hours later I have not moved from my spot and the book is done. This past week I have stayed up on three different nights well past 2 am just to finish a book! Good thing I am currently unemployed and can sleep in the next day!

Having a Kindle is my worst enemy. It is basically my enabler! In the olden days one would have to drive to the library or bookstore if they had finished one book to get another. Now it's simply a slide of the finger and another book has been downloaded!

A few weeks ago my family and I were heading to the ocean. We stopped at Target for a few last minute items and, even though I had already packed away two books, I had to meander down the book aisle. I came across a book that recently was made into a movie. It was a movie that Shelby wanted to see so I was like "Oh she might enjoy reading this" so we bought it. Well being the good mommy that I am, I figured I would read it first just to make sure it was appropriate. Well it wasn't (probably a bit more young adult than she is!) but I enjoyed it so much that I had finished it before we even got to our destination AND I had to boot up my Kindle and download another book by the author as soon as I finished reading it. Well then Amazon has the nerve to say "Well if you like this author you may like this one" I mean, they are forcing me to read more! They have the nerve to entice you even more with special Prime membership prices, the option to check some books out and even have some books for FREE! I mean, how can anyone say no to that????? So my vacation with my family consisted of a total of 6 books read, 4 of which were by one author and were all read within a 48 hour period!

I guess the first step is admitting you have a problem right??

In case anyone is interested, here are the books I read on that trip AND a few I have read since then. All are YA or NA (Young Adult and New Adult in case you were wondering!)

The Duff - Kody Keplinger
A Midsummer's Nightmare - Kody Keplinger
Reason's I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend - Cassie Mae
How to Date  Nerd - Cassie Mae
How to Hook a Bookworm - Cassie Mae
Switched - Cassie Mae
True Love and Magic Tricks - Becca Ann (aka Cassie Mae)
The Real Thing - Cassie Mae
The Fine Art of Pretending - Rachel Harris
Isn't She Lovely - Lauren Layne
The Deal - Elle Kennedy

And if you need any more reading material, I know where you can get hooked up....

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