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Thursday, July 24, 2008

I need help thinking....

So most of the time I want to strangle my dear daughter. I just sit there and wait for her horns to retreat back in to head. Well last night was one of those nights where her horns retreated I asked Shelby about these shelves we put in her closet and she said she just didn't know what she wanted to put on the shelves yet and she just needed time to think, that she needed help thinking.

A few minutes later she came in the room with a book, saying she needed this book to help her think. Well it was a bible! I explained what the bible was and that it was a book about god and she said "God is going to help me think" Then she proceeded to lay down in her bed and "read" the bible!

Yesterday we posted a few items on craigslist. Well the phone rang last night and I thought Chad had answered it! Though I should have known better because I heard pitter patter of little feet from upstairs. A few minutes later Shelby yells down the stairs "It's someone from craigslist!" Well at least she listened to me the day I told her she could answer the phone but could only talk to the people if it was a relative or friend of the family. Anyone else and she had to get us right away!! I have my own secretary now!!

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Nikki said...

ohhh - i sure miss those days. altho alex did make me breakfast in bed this morning!