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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Life is Good

You ever just have one of those days where you arel like, "My life is good"?

Today was one of those days. We woke up (and early, not late like in my dream where we got up late and missed things!) went to a VW show that Chad wanted to and then got to our company picnic at a reasonable time. Shelby pretty much behaved herself and we hung out with our friend Alicia and her son Cameron. This may have helped Shelby behave! Alicia's husband Jon bailed on the picnic (supposedly he was helping a friend move?? But Chad says he never helps people move. But I seem to recall him helping us move! So who knows!) Anyway our company picnic was at Remlinger Farms. It really is a fun place to go! Now it's home to veg with the family!

Tomorrow I hope to scrapbook because I have some stuff I need to make and send to my new pal in Rhode Island. She too is a CTMH consultant and we both joined a secret pal swap last August. So I guess she really isn't a "new" friend since we have been cooresponding for almost a year! It has been so much fun! We have a lot in common (we love anything 80's, have daughters that are both 5 and have the same outlooks on so many things) and it has been fun to develop this new friendship. Too bad she lives in RI!! But we have decided to do monthly swaps and stuff. That should be fun!

So here is a LOVELY pic of me today.

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