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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

When I grow old...

*I will not carry a huge purse
*I will not wear sweatshirts with lacy collars, matching floral print skirt & top, sensible shoes or have any type of puff paint on my tops
*I will not drive a mini van or station wagon
*I will not wear knee high stockings with my skirts
*I will not wear my hair in the short curly bob (and not change it for 20 yrs)
*I will not go to bed before 10 pm
*I will not wear pants with elastic waistlines!
*I will not wear pastels
*I will not have a license plate frame on my car that says "Grandma to (insert name here)"
*I will not subscribe to Readers Digest
*I will not eat Bran Flakes no matter how much my body needs it!
*I will not wear granny underwear no matter how frumpy I get!

And most of all...When I am old I shall not wear purple!! That has been done before....

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