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Monday, June 9, 2008

Nothing new really....

Nothing new to talk about really. I am SICK of this rain!! It is almost summer for gods sake and it's only 56 degrees!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to find a sunny place to go.

So this past weekend I went to Coeur D'Alene for a Girls weekend. This is our 3rd year. It is my friend Yvonne and my friend Summer from high school. Summer lives in Lewiston so we meet somewhere in between. My MIL gets us a condo. It is SO much fun! Last year we got mani's and this year we got massages and facials/body scrubs. Oh it was so nice!

Then we got some lovely entertainment from our next door neighbors and upstairs neighbors. The people next door decided to have a fight at 4:30 am on Saturday. I wanted to get up early but not that early and not by some people fighting! Then Saturday night we heard all this thumping from upstairs. Then we realized we could hear stuff through the fireplace so we listened in! We are entertained SO easily!!

Other then that I am still in my funk. It must be the weather. I am just lethargic, bored, depressed, confused, frustrated, hungry, itchy, in pain, mad, goofy, stupid...and on and on and on.......

I think it is time for me to end this now. Hopefully my next post will be entertaining! We are also close to finishing our house projects. Well we still have to finish the siding, mortar the rocks, paint, trim, landscaping...Hmm, maybe we aren't so close.....But it shouldn't be too much longer!! I can't wait!

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Nikki said...

So, what were they fighting about?? DETAILS!!!!!!