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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The one about several things....

...Okay so we have been working a bit more outside but I am too lazy right now to post any pic's. I worked on the rocks again. I put the morter between the rocks and smoothed it out. Sounds like fun huh?? Chad, dad & sis worked on the siding above the garage door. Pretty soon we will have this part, the side leading up to the front door and in that little alcover sided so we can start painting. We are SLOWLY getting it done!

Okay so topic #2. Oblivious people (and I am not just talking about my mom!! Hee, hee!) I went to Costco today (I know, stupid move on a Saturday!) Luckily I went pretty early so it wasn't too bad. But...you get the people that are just strolling down the middle of the aisle, not even aware you are behind them or trying to maneuver around them!! And then there was the lady and her two kids at Payless Shoe Source! Basically her and her two girls are blocking the aisle. I say "Excuse me" and the lady even looks up at me yet she does not move or ask her kids to move! AND...her kids leave their trash behing!! ERGH!!!!

And topic #3 - which I was thinking about on my trip home from shopping today. Have you ever played the "What if" game? You know the game where you think to yourself "What if I had taken that other job?" "What if I had not broken up with Billie Bob Joe?" Now don't get me wrong, I love my life and I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason but sometimes I think "How would my life be different had I taken job #1 instead of job #2" "What if I had persued Joe Blow more?" But then I think I would not have my wonderful husband and my adorable daughter! It just makes you wonder you know??!!!

Did I have a topic #4? I feel like I had something else I wanted to discuss...Huh, better go check on the hubby and see when we might be having dindin.

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