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Monday, May 19, 2008

Welcome to the Pederslie Money Pit....

So, silly people that we are, we have decided to do some home improvements. Our plan is to replace the siding on the front of the house with rockery. This will be on the bottom portion and then we will replace the rest of the siding on the front as well. We have taken a week off of work to do so.

So we started today. Chad let me pull siding off. What fun!!! I felt so powerful and it's a good job to help release any tension or aggravation. Well as we started to remove siding and such we realized what a hap-hazard job the builders did on this house!! The front porch which is cement must have been put in AFTER the house was sided and they just slapped the cement right up to the siding! So guess what....the siding is stuck behind the cement! Siding doesn't meet up at the corners and we actually found a golf scorecard stuck between a piece of siding and the trim!! What the.....????!!!!! Chad turns to me today and says "Did you ever see that movie with Tom Hanks and the house??" The Money Pit!!

But I don't think it's really that bad. I mean if we had bought another house I am sure we would be complaining about some other problem.

Anyway, here is a before and in progress picture. I will post more as we progress with the project. Eventually we will have a fountain in the front and will have re-landscaped the front flower bed.

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Emily said...

Keep us posted on the progress! We want to add the rockery to the front of our house also, but I am afraid of what we will find!