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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pederslie's Money Pit: Day Three & Four

Okay, I don't really have any pictures to show off today but I probably will tomorrow.

Here is what we have done the last two days. Yesterday I worked on pulling more siding off. Chad & his dad worked on putting up the border that will be between the rocks and the siding. They also worked on putting up the tar (??) paper. Actually I have no idea what kind of paper it is. It's black and it's now on the side of my house. Today they put a metal overlay over it and then covered that with mortar. Tomorrow we will be putting up the rocks. So we will be half way there. The siding may take a little longer. I can't wait until it is all done! It just would have been nice if the weather had been better. I thought it was suppose to sunshine today!!!

And just so you don't all think that I am only taking pictures and blogging this whole experience, here are some pic's of me hard at work.

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