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Friday, May 30, 2008

One of those days

So it is just one of those days were I have been pissed, upset, almost in tears...oh and I am in severe pain....again. Sigh....

So anyway, yesterday morning I wake up with a kink in my neck. I am thinking I must have slept on it weird. But as the day progresses it just gets worse to the point where my neck is so stiff and I can barely move and I actually felt a bit nauseous. So my wonderful hubby rubs my back (hits the BIG knot in my neck - oh that felt good!) and puts icey hot on the spot as well as heats up both of my heating pads. He does this twice for me! Once when we got home and a second time when he got in to bed! He is the greatest!

So today it still hurts but I am a bit more mobile. But then I had to deal with work. As you probably all know I have just been SWAMPED for over the past year with no end in sight. It is VERY stressful. And then I have to work with people that have work ethics that are worse then what my daughter, my five year old daughter!!, has for preschool! It's basically "I am going to do what I want, screw everyone else" Oh and then there are the customers that are like " I want my parts...YESTERDAY!" Well then you should have ordered them the day before yesterday! I guess it doesn't help that I am still trying to get caught up after having been out on vacation last week. Vacations are suppose to be relaxing but you spend the week prior to it getting ready and then the week after trying to get caught up! It's not worth it!

Anyway, I just wanna cry. My life is so disjointed right now. I am so confused, depressed, did I mention confused?? and I just don't know what to do!! My happy pills just don't seem to be doing the job.....

So on a totally different note (and just to continue my rambling) my daughter just walked through the house wearing a pair of pants. You are thinking, "Well what is abnormal about that?" She has both legs through one pant leg and the extra pant leg tucked up in the waist of the pants! So it looks like a skirt! She is so weird!

Okay, I better go see if I can help the DH with siding (so that he can't accuse me of NOT doing any of the work) and then do something about this pain in the neck. And I am talking about the actual pain in my neck...not Chad or Shelby!!

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