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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Pederslie's Money Pit: Day Two

So today was Day Two of our home remodeling - if that is what you wanna call it. Today my job was to paint the front hallway. We have yet again bought a can of Oops! paint from Home Depot. This is really the only way to go! Besides the one wall in our family room and the kitchen we have repainted every room in our house with Oops! paint.

We went with a blue color since the color of the furniture in our living room is blue and this room opens up off of the main hallway. It looks so much cleaner now!!

Chad and his dad were back outside again today. And it was POURING down rain!! We removed the gutters yesterday to get the siding off so as you can see from the pic, Chad was having to rig those up so that the water wasn't just pouring down on the exposed wall or them!

Chad and his dad were trying to electrocute themselves today by playing around with the electrical AND by doing it in the pouring down rain! But Chad wants to put an electrical outlet on the bay window as the fountain will eventually go in front of this window and will need a power supply.

And...Chad suited up to venture underneath the house to work on the electrical. I did not know until today that Chaddie is afraid of a l'il ol' mousie or rat!! I told him that I am sure the little critters were going to be more scared of the big man in the orange suit then he of them!!

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