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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hooray, Hooray It's the 1st of May

Okay, so it is actually the 2nd of May - forgive me.

So as you know, or may not know, the first of May is May Day. Not exactly sure what this means, but as far back as I can remember (and that is pretty FAR back since I am just SO old!) May Day was a day when my brother & I would pick flowers, go leave them on our moms doorstep, knock on the door (we were under privileged and did not have a doorbell!) and then run giggling from the front porch before mom opened the door.

Then mom would open the door, gasp in surprise, gush tears and exclaim about what sweet little people must have left the flowers on her porch. And that is just how she reacted last year when we did this! Imagine how she reacted when we were just wee little kids??!!

Anyway, I digress...

So yesterday I go to pick Shelby up from the bus and as we are walking back to the house she asks me to carry her backpack but not to look in it. Well of course that just peaks my curiosity but I was good! We get back to the house and Shelby is still all secretive and not letting me get anywhere near her backpack. A few minutes later I hear the doorbell ring and as I walk towards the door I look at the front window and see this little brown-haired girl running away from the door.

I open the door and hanging on my doorknob is this beautiful bouquet of homemade flowers! And I gasped in surprise, gushed tears and exclaimed about what a sweet little girl must have left those for me!

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