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Sunday, May 17, 2009

I feel pretty, oh so pretty.

So today I heard the sweetest words out of my daughters mouth. No, not "Yes Mommy, anything you say mommy" but "Mommy you are beautiful".

You know, I know I am pretty decent looking. Sometimes I may even call myself pretty (though pretty is a pretty silly name to be calling myself!) but I don't think I have ever felt more beautiful then when my sweet little girl says those 4 little words. It just made my heart melt!

Right now she is doing her homework. She is doing addition!! It just amazes me! I don't recall doing addition when I was in kindergarten. And I know I was not doing the reading that she is doing. I didn't start reading until first grade. See Jane Run. See Spot Run. See Jane want to strangle Spot because he is being a bad doggie...

Oh sorry, that is another story all together. But that leads me to our pup Harley. She really is a sweetie pie and I just have to keep telling myself that she is a puppy. But I get so frustrated wit her wanting to play tug of war with her leash when she needs to be going potty outside. Or coming downstairs to find a pile of napkins that were on the kitchen table all chewed up on the family room floor along with Shelby's headband and oh there was a pile of poop on the floor too! And this was only like 2 hrs after Chad had been home and had taken her out! UGH!!! Good thing that she hasn't chewed anything of great value yet.

Well that is all for now!

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Nikki said...

What about that trashy novel you couldn't finish because Harley ate it?
And what is funny is the word verification that I need to type in order to post this is eatog! LOL