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Monday, August 3, 2009

Smile, though your heart is breaking

Today Chad & Shelby came in from outside and informed me that my cat T.J., that I have had for 12 years, had passed away. They found her over by the neighbors yard. It looks like she probably just died from old age.

She has always been the sweetest cat. Loving but a little snot too (kind of like her owner!) I got her soon after I lost another kitty. She was black & white like my previous cat who's name was Tuxedo. So we named her Tuxedo Junction or T.J. and it fit. She was very much the tomkitty! She could be all prissy when she wanted to be but also very rough and tumble the next minute.

When I first got her she was black and white with this gray tail. It was like someone had taken a tail from another cat and plopped it on her! She finally outgrew that and her tail eventually matched the rest of her!

I remember when Chad first moved in with me, she wasn't too happy! She would meow and meow throughout the night! She sure did not like sharing my time with someone else!

She was a great cat and we will miss her dearly.

Rest in Peace T.J. Enjoy the endless supply of catnip and toy micey's up in Heaven.

We love you.

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