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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vacation: Day 3

This one is going to be short because I am EXHAUSTED!! I think I have had too many days with my daughter and now she is just getting on my nerves.

Today we went to Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. I have never been to this zoo and I don't know how often I will go again but I did like it over Woodland Park Zoo. However Woodland Park Zoo may get my patronage more just because it is closer!

First off, Shelby & I had to stop off at the gift shop to get hats because the darn sun decided to come out (it was cloudy when I left the house!) So we got matching hats! Hers looked cute on her, I just looked like an idiot! Oh well...not like I was trying to impress anyone.

Our next stop was going to ride on the Camels! What a weird experience!! I was very uncomfortable as I was riding on the hump!

Let's see, after that it was kettle korn, feeding the birdies (budgies or budgerigars which are brightly colored Australian birds),
catching a wide array of animals at the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater, and then of course back to the gift shop to get ourselves some souvenirs. I got myself a cute little camel and Shelby got a cute little monkey.

After that it was off to Sonic since I have been wanting to check this out since it went in and since we were in the general area I thought it would be a good idea. It was YUMMY! Wish there was one closer then Puyallup :(

Okay, off to bed! I am beat!

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