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Thursday, March 6, 2008

I just want a door!!!!

So I honestly think my daughter is 5 going on 15. She is such a drama queen!! So tonight I am taking some person time to myself in the potty, flipping through my scrapbook magazine (sometimes this really is the only place I can get some peace & quiet!!) I hear Chad & Shelby going at it. Bits of "Shelby put the cat down!" "Shelby, I already told you not to do that" Yes, those aren't proper "Love & Logic" phrases but sometimes you just gotta be different.

Next thing I know Shelby is walking by the bathroom door sobbing and saying "I just want a door!! I just want a door!!!!" Odd thing for her to be saying. But I think you will understand when you see these pictures!!!

I must say, I kind of like not having a door there. I might remove all the interior doors in my house!! Especially since all the doors seem to close on their own. I think our house was built at a slant.....

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Emily said...

I hear ya about doors! Although mine relates to closet doors! In 3 of our 4 bedrooms I took the doors off to open the rooms up. Don't think that I'll ever put them back up!

Hope your mouth is feeling better!