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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Meet Molly Bob

Meet our new cat Molly Bob. Okay, same cat, just a different look! She is now a "bob" cat! Poor kitty. But on a good note she made it through surgery okay and I am getting used to her stubby little tail. She seems pretty happy to be home and just wants loves. She does not like the cone on her head though! And she has to wear it for 14 days!!! I had to chuckle as she tried to get out of the bathroom and just kept hitting her head, or the cone actually, on the door jam! And she tries to get out of it so she keeps backing up!!

So we enjoyed a day outside today. Tomorrow will be an indoor day since there is talk of rain, rain and more rain. Chad is starting to work on the yard. We want to clear an area for Shelby's swing set, we need to clear by the side of the house and we will also need to replace siding and stuff in the front.

Today is National Goof Off Day. To check out more fun & silly holidays go to
http://www.holidayinsights.com/moreholidays/index.htm (Website link complements of my dear friend Nikki!)


Nikki said...

Hey! You didn't give me credit for sending you the really funny holidays link... hehe
Glad kitty made it through okay. She doesn't look too happy.

Scrappin' Mamma said...

Huh, dont you know what you are talking about....I gave you credit.... :)