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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is "What the" a bad word??

So Shelby & I are sitting here watching TV and the person swears on the TV. Well it's not the pay channel so the bad word gets bleeped out. Shelby turns to me and says "Mommy, is What the a bad word?" Then she said "Is What the heck a bad word?" It just made me smile! I then went on to explain how the guy on tv said "What the *BLEEP!**" and the bleep was the bad word!!

On a sad note...We are taking our cat Molly to the vet on Friday for surgery. She has to *GULP* get her tail removed!! The lump on it is a tumor and in order to keep it from spreading to other parts of her body they have to remove the tail. We can keep the tail but we would have to keep the exposed area clean in order to keep flies from laying eggs in it!! EW YUCK!!!!!!!!!!! I just feel so bad and I hate to do it. Especially since it is going to cost $800!! Luckily we have received our tax return but it seems to be dwindling away VERY quickly!! Why does that always happen? You come in to some extra $$$ and suddenly all of these expenses come up. Vet bills, dentist bills, sigh....................

On a positive note though...I have Friday off from work (company holiday) and my friend & I are getting together to scrapbook!! YAY!!!!!

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