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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Flashback to 1982

Okay, so I turned on the TV tonight and as usual there is NOTHING on. You think with over 300 channels I would find something. Well I finally did - Grease 2. Anyone see that movie? Let's see....it was in 1982 and I would have been 6, just about Shelby's age. I LOVED the movie then. Now it seems kind of lame. Okay, it seems REALLY lame. I think Michelle Pfeiffer is the only actor that really went on to anything else. Chad did make a comment about one of the scenes. He said "This was my favorite scene" and I made some comment about "Oh, because of the motorcyles?" or something like that and he goes "No, because it's at the end of the movie. I know the movie is almost over!!"

But I think Shelby girl is going to take after her mommy! She seems to like the movie!!

So, now that we have flashbacked to 1982, let's fast forward to 2008. Today Shelby & I went shopping and she wanted to get some stickers. She was being a pretty good kiddo so I caved. When we got home she made this lovely picture. I was really impressed with this!!

On another note...we have cat issues. Our cat, as I mentioned in a previous post, has a lump on her tail. Well they took a tissue sample and it's a tumor. They want to cut off the tail and send it in for further tests!! It's going to cost $800!!!! We don't know what to do. Molly has been acting perfectly normal for the last few months and doesn't act like she is in any pain. I hate to pay that kind of $$ if she may not live that much longer! Oh, what to do, what to do. And then she got sick on the floor this morning (at 5 am AND I could not go back to sleep afterwards!!) and I start to worry that she is sicker then we thought. It might just be her reacting to the antibiotics she is taking. I don't know......

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