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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A little bit of this, a little bit of that....

Oh Lord-Y! Has it really been two weeks since I posted a new blog??? I am sure you are all quite upset with me and check back once or twice (if not more!) a day to see if I have posted anything! Right?? RIGHT!?!?

Well what can I say....I haven't had anything exciting to post AND I have been in a BIG funk the past week or so. Sigh....

So let's see....I think it all started when I went to the dentist last week. It was all going good, my teeth looked good, there were only a few problem areas and part of that is due to the fact that I sleep with my mouth open (dries out the gums, yadda, yadda, yadda) Then the dentist comes in...I have 5 freakin' cavities and one filling he wants to re-do!!! crying Maybe that is when my funk started.

Saturday brightened up a bit as I went to Portland with my ScraPack gals for the scrapbook expo. I had $200 so I could spend and not feel I had to hold back. Well I did...but not like I have had to in the past!! It was a lot of fun!!

Sunday started out good. I had received $300 Target gift card (compliments of work) and it was burning a hole in my pocket! Well Shelby felt like running around the store. I told her that if she behaved I might get her something. Well she didn't behave! And she sure let us know that she was PO'd that we did not get her anything! She stomped around and when we got home she stomped to the fridge, got out a package of frozen blueberries and went upstairs. Here is a picture of what I found when I went upstairs!!

Things have been okay since then though we spend TWO hours at the vet last night. Molly, our tortoise colored kitty, has had this lump on her tail for a few months. Well me being the terrible owner that I am have just put off taking her to the vet because it always ends up being so costly! I figured I would watch her owie and take her if it didn't go away. Well it still had not gone away but then a new owie appeared about 3 days ago! So now I was thinking "Huh, there are two owies, I probably should take her in now" Well they don't know what is wrong with her tail so they put her on antibiotics. Have you ever tried to give a cat (a very squirmy, skittish cat at that!) a syringe full of (pink) antibiotics? Not fun....And she has a yeast infection in her ears. Huh, I thought yeast infections only happened in other places...And she has issues with fleas. So....we had to get antibiotics, the ear stuff AND flea medication. And of course if she has flea problems then it means we need to treat the other cat!!! Sigh.......

THEN....I had to go back to the dentist this AM for 3 of my 5 fillings. I think the chair was tipped back to the point where my head was almost touching the ground!! And the headrest was not comfortable at all! I think I bruised my head! And of course you always walk out of the dentist after a filling feeling like your face is the size of a watermelon! You are positive that your lips are curled like Elvis (but I looked in the mirror - mine were not!) The hygienist informed me not to eat anything until the numbness wore off. WHAT!?!? I had eaten light last night and had not had breakfast yet. And now I could not eat? Luckily my loving husband went and got me a milkshake. He treats me SO well!!

Oh, so I just remembered another issue with the vet last night!! We were petting the cat so as to keep her calm and relax her. Well molly has medium to long fur and we aren't very good at grooming her! Who am I kidding, we don't groom her! So while we are petting her there is just cat fur flying like crazy. At this point I should mention that, yes, I am allergic to cats. BUT it's never really an issue because I don't inhale the cats fur all of the time. But here I was petting the cat and then rubbing my eyes. Before you know it my eyes on on fire and my throat is starting to get sore. banging head

Hmm, I guess I should write in my blog more often!!

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Kara May said...

That picture of Shelby is priceless! :)