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Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm a Castaway

I am stuck on Duvall Island. We are surrounded by Lake Duvall! And I am sick of it! First it was 3 weeks of snow, then a bit of wind and now floods! Shelby's school was let out early yesterday so we just decided to work from home. Today school was closed as were all roads out of Duvall so we worked from home...again. Well school has already been closed tomorrow and I doubt any roads will be open out of town until at least later in the day.

I wouldn't mind being at home if it wasn't for the fact that I was home for almost 3 weeks in December. Our heating bill has gone up because we are home during the day AND I hate sitting here and looking around at all the stuff that needs to get done! Clothes, dishes....At least when I am at work it is out of sight, out of mind! The good thing? Well we will be saving on gas this week!

So here are a few pictures of Woodinville Duvall and our own personal lake. I always wanted lake front property, I just didn't realize it would happen under these circumstances.


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The Mangs said...

GREAT JOB on your title!! Did you use Photoshop for it????