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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I have an entrepreneur on my hands

So I thought you might all enjoy these pic's and story about my little business woman. The other day Shelby brought down some of our nail polishes and set up a little nail salon - conveniently called "Shelby's Nail Salon". She created signs for several areas - the front door, the front bay window, the small window by the door, going up the stairs, in the hallway, and I am sure I am forgetting some other spots.

Then I came downstairs today and saw that she had also added a laptop and a phone. She is all set to start her business!


The Mangs said...

What is she charging for her salon services? I am in need of a little pampering. =)

Scrappin' Mamma said...

Well...Mine was free! ;-) But then again...you get what you pay for!

Nikki said...

Do I need to make an appointment or does she accept walk-ins?