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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random ramblings by a tired mama

Yes, you got two posts in one day! And this one is going to be SO exciting!! So hold on to your seats! Here we go!!

So lately I have gotten hooked on forensic type shows. Not the fictitious ones, but the real ones like Forensic Files and Snapped. There are even a few others I will turn on if neither of the two I mentioned on are. I don't know why but I love these shows!! Chad gets a bit paranoid. He doesn't like me watching Snapped. If you have never watched this show it is basically about women that have "snapped" and killed their husband/boyfriend/lover etc.

Well Chad need not worry that I may "snap" cuz I have come to realize something from these shows. No matter how well you think you covered your tracks or how sneaky you may have been THEY will always figure it out through forensic science and find out you did it! And I don't look good in jailhouse orange so I will not be "snapping" anytime soon.

Now I am trying to remember what other ramblings I was going to write about. Hmm......

So...Chad & Shelby's pic is going to be in the paper next week! My mommy works for The Woodinville Weekly/The Valley View and I sent her pic's from the flood. The one I took of Shelby and Chad walking on Woodinville Duvall will be in the paper! Hee, hee!!!

I think I was going to mention something about my goals/new years resolutions but now I can't remember exactly what I was going to say about them. I should probably go back and read those. I don't think I am doing very good :( I know I am lacking with the exercising, I haven't done much scrapbooking...I can't even remember the rest! Oh, a better attitude with Shelby. Well that got thrown out the window the minute Chad got on the plane for Phoenix! I am a mean mommy and Shelby just wants daddy! Though tonight I did ask if she could dish up dinner for us and she did! She got out paper plates and put our chicken and jo-jo's on the plate and...she even put ketchup on the plates too! Which makes me realize that she took the ketchup out AND put it away cuz I am pretty sure I never saw it on the kitchen counter. But then again the way my memory has been today......

I am going to try REALLY hard on my goals for this year. I really want it to be a good and successful year.

Well it's late and Forensic Files is on!! 'Night!

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