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Monday, February 18, 2008

"...Just keep swimming swimming swimming...What do we do we swim, swim, swim..."

Well today Chad & I took the day off since Shelby's preschool was closed and we took her to the aqarium. We have free passes through work and decided it was a good day to go.

Note to others...Do not plan an outing on a school holiday as every other parent and their mothers have had the same idea!

Do you know that I have never been to the Seattle Aquarium? Never! Never with my family and never for a school fieldtrip. Needless to say....I don't thik I missed that much. Don't get me wrong...it was fun but I was thankful we had free passes! It was fun to see Shelby though. She just could not stand still! She was wanting to run all over the place. Chad suggested we take her to the Marymoor dog park so that we could let her off of her leash!!

I think the cutest part was where we saw the clownfish and blue tang and Shelby says "There is Dori and Nemo and Nemo's dad!!" Actually she calls her "Dorfee" And then there were some other fishes we were looking at and she says "That is is from Nemo too. It was one of the fishes in the tank at the dentist office."

Oh, my darling daughter! You just gotta love her...when you are not wanting to strangle her that is!!

On another note.....I am starting to feel better but still am not 100%. UUGGHH!! I am so sick of this! I can't eat anything and if I do I regret it! And no...I am not pregnant! Unless Chad is as well, in which case we could make money off of it and live fat and happy!! But I guess the advantage is that I will hopefully lose a few pounds since I can' eat! Of course most of the stuff that does sound good is candy, pastries, cookies, etc. so...maybe the weight loss won't happen. In any case...I hope I start to feel better soon.

On a sad note a co-worker of mine passed away over the weekend. I didn't know her all that well and had only worked with her on a occasion but she was always such a sweet lady and fun to be around. She just found out right before Christmas that she had terminal cancer. Of course this hit close to home as my grandpa was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few months before he passed away. The doctors do tell you that the person has less then a year to live but you always expect it to be closer to a year, not just a few months. But then again, I think I would rather have the person not suffer as much pain and to have their family remember them as a vibrant person and not someone that just withered away. In any case, it just made me think of all my family and friends and how I really value having all of you in my life. Though there are days that I would love to strangle some people (mainly my little princess of a daughter) I could not imagine my life without the people I have around me. The people that make me cry, smile, laugh so hard I may pee my pants a little :)..I wouldn't be where I was today if it wasn't for all of you.

As Dori says:
"...Just keep swimming swimming swimming...What do we do we swim, swim, swim..."

And that is what I intend to do...with the help of my friends! Just keep swimming!

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