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Monday, February 11, 2008

You get the best of both worlds!!

So I took Shelby to the Hannah Montana movie yesterday. It cost $15/person!! Why didn't anyone warn me about that!?!?! LORD-Y!! We were going to go Saturday but Shelby was such a pill Friday night that we finally said "Enough! No movie tomorrow!!"
So all the hoopla I heard was that you had to buy tickets in advance, the theaters were packed, yadda, yadda, yadda. So I went and bought my ticket early - but only a few hours mind you, not days in advance! Then I got lost trying to get back to the theater so we were late! I was like "Crud! We won't be able to find a good seat!" So we go in there, and I give our tickets to the guy and head to the theater. We walk in and there are only two other people in there!!!! I look at my ticket stub to make sure we had walked in to the correct theater. We had....Okay, not the huge crowd I was expecting. So Shelby & I put on our 3D glasses and sat back and enjoyed the movie. I am still not sure if it was worth the $15 but we both enjoyed it. The music was good and I chuckled a few times. Most of all I enjoyed it when Shelby goes "It's like they are coming out of the TV screen!" and then when a drummer throws the drumstick Shelby jumps back and goes "Whoa!"
Overall it was a good day with my girl!

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Emily said...

I thought about taking Maddie to this movie, but I saw the $15 tickets and thought no way in H-ll am I taking a 3 yr old who has to go potty all the time to a $15 movie! =) Glad you guys enjoyed it!